Dec 20, 2008

Stoney and Happy Birthday Derek!

We went downtown and saw Stoney Larue last night and he rocked it as usual!! Was definitely an awesome show and our seats were killer. It’s first time we’ve seen a show at House of Blues but I would definitely recommend it because you can actually SEE who’s playing. Although $7.00 beers is nothing to write home about. Dang economy J

On another note – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREKKKKKKKKKKK on Christmas Eve!!! We love you & miss you and can’t wait until you’re home! Be safe !!

Dec 16, 2008

Hellloooo Brace Face

Zach got his braces yesterday and I'm sure he will be extremely sick of that name in two years, but it's good payback for what he did to Maegan. At dinner the night before we asked him what color rubberbands he was gonna get and he said green and black for Philadelphia (Eagles). He is a die hard after all. Chris specifically told him that was dumb and not to get those colors.....take a look at the picture..notice the colors....? Go figure.