Jan 24, 2009

Pictures from Sandra's Birthday and Reckless Kelly

We took a limo bus for Sandra's birthday to see Reckless Kelly. Had a great time. It's always good to see Reckless Kelly play, although I'm feeling my age because it is starting to kill me when the band doesnt play until 9 or 1o pm. Never thought that day would come...

Here are a couple of pictures and the link to the rest.

Link to all the pictures:

Jan 21, 2009

Chromosomes, Modeling Clay and Red Wine…..

These things do not necessarily mix. Go figure. Last night Zach had a project to do where he had to create a model of a chromosome. Now this is my regular Tuesday night, ritual where I watch “The Biggest Loser” and drink wine. (Yes, I really do, it makes me feel better about myself.). So after glass #2 and a couple of hours of hard work, he gets the thing complete (and is VERY proud of himself for his work) and asks me what to do with it. Now, my first thought is…. to put it in the oven??? Yes for some reason, I assume that will “cook it” and harden it. Since I’ve never done pottery in my life, I’m thinking I must have come up with this notion based on many hours of HGTV. However, note to self, the FRONT of the package, specifically says that the clay WILL NOT harden.

Unfortunately, I did not read this until after I took the smoking melted first “chromosome model” out of the oven much to the severe dismay of my extremely unhappy child. He did go to bed calm and happy though, since we were able to “recreate” the original fairly quickly with both of us working on it. And no matter what you may think after you look at it below, YES, it is a CHROMOSOME.

Jan 20, 2009

The Big Debate

So this is the big debate around here at this moment. Zach took these pictures of me last weekend in the car when I got my contacts. I kept looking at the pictures and trying to determine who I thought they looked like, when it dawned on me. I think I look exactly like Zach in these pictures (or, he looks like me), but Chris said that he doesnt see it at all....what do you think?

**Try to see beyond the dumb look on my face as I was trying not to laugh while he took the picture, but he was cracking up, which made it difficult.

Jan 19, 2009

Black Monday around here....

Needless to say, things did not go well in the game. We just kept wondering when the heck the Eagles were gonna show up to play?? We're still wondering that....

I was also reminded this weekend, that Phildadelphia is so important to my goofy son, that when he went to Ireland and Scotland a couple of years back, Philadelphia was the layover, and he ranked that stop as part of his favorites about the trip! Hhhmmm...Ireland and Scotland 3 week trip on one hand....layover in Philadelphia on the other....you wouldnt think it would be even close, but it is for him.

I'm trying to find his "painted up" picture from the Eagles/Patriots superbowl and will post it as soon as I do since it is really funny and shows how far into this his heart is....poor guy.

Jan 16, 2009

Football this weekend

Cross your fingers, pray, visualize...do whatever you do for the Eagles. Zach is on pins and needles over his beloved Eagles. All they have to do is make it through and they're SUPERBOWL bound. The last time they were in the SB, I had no idea that it was as big of a deal as it is, and it had been a long weekend and we had absolutely no plans on doing anything for the game. Chris was gonna go to a friends house, and I had just planned on staying home with Zach and watching all of the game commercials.

Chris left the house and Zach was back in his room for awhile, and came out dressed in jeans (only), with black and green mardi gras beads (don't know where those came from) that he had made into belts, necklaces, headbands, etc. He brought me paint and instructed me what to paint on his back, WORD FOR WORD, so I did not make any mistakes. He then asked me what I was making for snacks and what we would be grilling. I asked him if he realized that it was only he and I for the game, that we werent having a SB Party? He informed me that if the Eagles were in the SB, it WAS a party, and even if it were just he and I, I needed to get busy and make us some game snacks.

Needless to say, we ran the gamut that game on emotions especially since the EAGLES did not prevail over the Patriots. Let's hope for better luck this weekend!

Jan 15, 2009

Arctic Freeze.....

Supposedly we're getting another one of these. Yuck. I am definitely not a snow bunny. When we ski, I spend most of the time in the lodge (read: bar), but at least the kids would love it. This is what it looked like the last time if you can believe it (in November this year) and they had a field day making snowmen and having snowball fights. Before this, I cant remember the last time we had snow in Texas!! The funny thing is that we were in short sleeves the next weekend. This has been the craziest hot/cold/hot/cold "winter" we've had.

Jan 4, 2009

Happy Holidazeeeeeeeee!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! We definitely did and the time off has flown by! I haven’t been feeling great this week and finally went to the Dr. and they said that I had the beginnings of strep throat so I guess no fireworks for me this evening, but hopefully Chris and Zach will save me some. They should end up with plenty, since it was all guys that went and bought them and males seem to lose ANY and ALL sensibility when standing in front of a fireworks stand!

And for those of you that weren't at my house Christmas night, Jett is super into sticks so Maegan thought it would be HILARIOUS to wrap up a box of sticks and see what he did when he opened it...he was fired up! Loved it! So far all those people that think you need money to entertain kids...well there ya go. Although I was babysitting the next day and told her she could throw them right in the trash on her way out as I'm sure my dogs would never have survived the wrath. He already spends most of his time berating and bossing them around while he's here so god help them if he had sticks!

Happy 2009 to everyone!!
(The pictures above are Jett, Ethan, Abbie, Jett and his sticks :), and Capt Wonderful Jr. )

Yes...He's gonna kill me....

But that's what Moms are for right :) And Renee..in case you were wondering, I guess either he or the dogs found it from the hurricane :)