Mar 18, 2010

Low Fat Chicken Enchiladas

This is another recipe created out of necessity of using what was in the pantry to avoid gas station grocery shopping. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, see this post.

Anyhoo- these are REALLY tasty and easy. Much to my surprise a second set of hands wandered into the kitchen and offered to help me, so after I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I had myself a sous chef! Help in the kitchen….shoot…this must be what those darn Duggars feel like! I’m gonna have to figure out how to make this happen more often.

"Un-Rolled" Chicken Enchiladas
You will also need a package of chicken breasts, can of cream of chicken soup and package of corn tortillas. They were negotiating for world peace at the time the picture was taken so are missing.
Once your chicken is cooked your ready to rock n roll (or "un-roll" in this case) :)
Next, turn around and yell "SOUS CHEF, THE GREAT OZ COMMANDS YOU TO POUR SOME SAUCE IN THE BOTTOM OF THAT DISH". He/she may or may not look at you blankly at this point & your husband may or may not come into the room and say "Who are you yelling at and why are you calling him Sasquatch?" and then they may or may not look at each other like you're crazy. Hypothetically speaking of course.
And now, the layering process. Layers are cool. They're like Multiples outfits back in Middle School. Like. You Know. Like Totally
Now, I realize that I accidentally skipped Layer 4. But back to that whole not OCD thing. Not a problem for me. Besides, me and layer 4 go back a long way and we got us some bad blood between us, so let me tell you what-"Not on my watch, layer 4, not on my watch.."
Next, turn around and yell "SOUS CHEF, I COMMAND YOU TO CHOP THE GREEN ONIONS" and he/she may reply "Mom, please stop calling me Sasquatch". At this point, if you've had a glass (or two) of wine like I may or may not have, it is highly possible you did call him/her Sasquatch. Hypothetically
Once you take these out of the oven, let them cool about 10 minutes (or however long it will take you to finish your hypothetical glass of wine).

Top with sour cream and green onions and voila! Delish!

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