Dec 20, 2008

Stoney and Happy Birthday Derek!

We went downtown and saw Stoney Larue last night and he rocked it as usual!! Was definitely an awesome show and our seats were killer. It’s first time we’ve seen a show at House of Blues but I would definitely recommend it because you can actually SEE who’s playing. Although $7.00 beers is nothing to write home about. Dang economy J

On another note – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREKKKKKKKKKKK on Christmas Eve!!! We love you & miss you and can’t wait until you’re home! Be safe !!

Dec 16, 2008

Hellloooo Brace Face

Zach got his braces yesterday and I'm sure he will be extremely sick of that name in two years, but it's good payback for what he did to Maegan. At dinner the night before we asked him what color rubberbands he was gonna get and he said green and black for Philadelphia (Eagles). He is a die hard after all. Chris specifically told him that was dumb and not to get those colors.....take a look at the picture..notice the colors....? Go figure.

Nov 20, 2008

The next Tiger Woods

Zach got 2nd place in his freshman/JV golf tournament yesterday! It’s only his 3rd tournament for the year and we were hoping he would “settle down” and get used to the whole tournament atmosphere, so hopefully this is a good sign of more to come :)

Nov 17, 2008

Not ANOTHER birthday...they just keep coming!

Holy Cow – Zach turned 15 over the weekend. I can’t even believe it….I had a small meltdown on the first day of school this year, but that was nothing compared to this! It’s unbelievable to me to realize that after this year he will only be home for 3 more years before leaving for school and we’ve already started getting college info in the mail…where does the time go? He has been dying for a ping pong table so we got that for him and I have a suspicion that it will be the demise of many an adult who forget that they have become “limited” in their older age and are easily goaded by the boys…:)

Nov 12, 2008

Run, deer, run...

So Zach went hunting with his dad and shot his first deer for the season. I wasn’t too sure how he would do, as some years he’s more into it than others, but he was super fired up about it, so I guess this is an “on” year. When my comment on the subject was “Poor deer” I received a speech about the necessities of hunting to avoid overpopulation...from a 15 year old, no less. I’m still rooting for the deer. My guys seem to have gone hunting crazy, as we are also the proud subscribers to the Outdoor Channel now, and let me tell you, that is a real treat. An entire channel devoted to killing anything that moves. Run, deer, run…

Oct 26, 2008

They're never too old for pumpkin carving!!

No matter how much they protest that they ARE! Actually, their pumpkins get better and better with age. Here are a few from the weekend of Zach, Blake and Saylor carving it up. Can’t you just feel the “hero-worship” radiating from those two!

I'll send out the link that has the rest of the pictures if you guys wanna check them out~

Oct 23, 2008

My VERY shy child....

So, we all know what a goofball my attention starved child is. The other night he came in from golf and I was at the table working and he sat down opposite from me to do homework. I had the TV on Sirius radio just listening to music from earlier, so I decide to change it to “chill out” music so that he can concentrate better. Um, yeah, not so much. He sits there for a bit and then proceeds to get up (none of this I’m paying attention to, btw, because I’m trying to finish what I’m working on), walks over to the back door, puts on Chris’s boots, and bust out with these major dance moves in true “Chris” form. I think the best part is the big finale at the end, where he makes the dog bark and then breaks
into whatever the bodyroll/wave thing that is.