Mar 9, 2010

Cheater Recipe: Cajun Chicken Pasta

I love when you make something that only has a few ingredients and your family thinks it is something that is WONDERFUL and you spent alot of time making.  This is one of those things. They will love it. I promise.

All you need is what's below. That's it. I promise. Isnt't it great. Especially because that's what I had on hand. Worked out even better for me since I didn't want to go grocery shopping at the gas station - people look at you funny when you buy too much stuff at the gas station....they do....THEY DO..and then the people behind you that are just trying to buy a bag of ice or a coke get really irritated and you get all sweaty and flustered and start dropping stuff and you need to bend down but you think your pants are too tight and might show your crack so you let them go in front of you and then someone else comes so you let them go and the next thing you know you've been there an hour and it's just all a VICIOUS CYCLE WHEN ALL YOU WANTED TO DO WAS BUY YOUR STUFF AND LEAVE....AND AS GOD IS MY WITNESS I WILL NEVA GROCERY SHOP AT THE GAS STATION AGAIN..EVAAAAA (raised fist!!!!!...)....So anyhoo -where was I?? Oh, yeah, so it worked out good for me to use what was in the pantry (and saved me from the social leprosy of gas station grocery shopping).

Cast of characters:

1.You just throw blackened-seasoned chicken breasts on the grill.
2. Boil and drain your noodles (I threw mine back in the pot once they were drained & tossed em' with butter and parmesan cheese -it ups the yum factor)
3.Prepare the Alfredo Sauce according to package.
4. Assemble as such: Noodles, Sauce, Chicken, Sauce. YUMMM.

I didn't take any actual cooking process pictures because I was drinking wine and watching my tivo'd Days Of Our Lives  doing some other supersecret important stuff, but here is an after picture. 

P.S. I realize I have got to get better at these after pictures but that would probably mean I would need to use two hands and I've got to have one to hold my glass of wine, so just deal with it.

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