Oct 19, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Zach went to homecoming this last weekend.  These are some pictures of him getting ready for the game, the cute mum - that I made with zebra and polka dots even though as an adult I DO NOT understand why you wouldn't want a REAL flower, and the kids getting ready for the dance.  Chris's mom was here with us for the weekend so she helped him get ready and got to participate in all of "festivities/aka somewhat organized chaos".  There were 22 of them and they had rented a super super super super stretch limo to take them to dinner (at Fogo De Chao).  His date was super cute and I thought they looked adorable together although it was so crazy for me to see all of them looking SO grown up.  Just makes me realize how fast the time is ticking now....here is the slideshow of all of the pictures