Oct 23, 2008

My VERY shy child....

So, we all know what a goofball my attention starved child is. The other night he came in from golf and I was at the table working and he sat down opposite from me to do homework. I had the TV on Sirius radio just listening to music from earlier, so I decide to change it to “chill out” music so that he can concentrate better. Um, yeah, not so much. He sits there for a bit and then proceeds to get up (none of this I’m paying attention to, btw, because I’m trying to finish what I’m working on), walks over to the back door, puts on Chris’s boots, and bust out with these major dance moves in true “Chris” form. I think the best part is the big finale at the end, where he makes the dog bark and then breaks
into whatever the bodyroll/wave thing that is.

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