Nov 9, 2010

This weekend was mine and Captain Wonderful’s Happy Anniversary! Years ago, having our wedding on Opening Weekend seemed like a great idea because it was SO much cheaper to get married in the Hill Country on this particular weekend….hmmmm…..probably because everyone else in the Hill Country was at the DEER LEASE since it was ummm…OPENING WEEKEND. In honor of this special day I thought I would share with you the events of what transpired on our wedding night. Don’t get crazy people, this isn’t Showtime After Dark here (or Big Brother!)…..

After we had wined and dined ourselves and our guests at our reception, and let me stress WINED and WINED and WINED more then dined here, we headed back to our room for a very planned out romantic evening. Waiting in our room, our very rustic room with cedar plank walls (that things stick to) and breathtaking Guadalupe River views were candles, and strawberries, champagne…and the wedding night contraption /contortionists costume lingerie I had so genius-ly picked out to wear.

So we get back to the room and it was so prettily decorated and romantic and we had some champagne and talked some (ahem…) and I excused myself to the restroom to complete my stunt change. Needless to say, after I stripped out of my dress and the bajillions of straps and bungie chords underneath (I was reminded of the scene in National Lampoons Christmas vacation, when they take the straps off that Christmas tree and it busts out every window in the house, yep that scene.)  I took a look at what I had picked out for my wedding night "attire" and thought “Seriously…A.) was I drinking the day I bought this…? B.) Guess my other personality was in charge that day, you know the one that things I'm made of rubber and weigh 90 pounds and used to be a stripper. (I hate her)!."  So 17 1 hours later I emerg in all my glory sweating, huffing, panting, hair all crazy to find Captain Wonderful….chomping at the bit like it was Christmas morning passed SMOOTH OUT.

Well my 1st thought was “Oh Hell to the No…” and then my 2nd thought was “Can't breath...need more air then I'm getting..." And then my 3rd thought was…”I love my sister for sending this plate of reception food to our room…” And then my 4th thought was “Guess, I should wash these down with a little more champagne…” And then my 5th thought was..”Yummm, Champagne..." And then my 6th thought was "zzzzzzz." 

In the morning, I did have a vague recollection that apparently at some point in the night Captain Wonderful had woken up and appreciated all of my effort. As I was thinking about this I opened my eyes and the 1st thing I saw when I looked up over the bed…onto the cedar plank walls…above our heads....that things (lacy things) stick to…was…. Yep. It sho was. And that was the 1st point in the new game called marriage. One for me :)
 Happy Anniversary Honey. Years and years of pure wedded bliss :)

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