Jan 21, 2009

Chromosomes, Modeling Clay and Red Wine…..

These things do not necessarily mix. Go figure. Last night Zach had a project to do where he had to create a model of a chromosome. Now this is my regular Tuesday night, ritual where I watch “The Biggest Loser” and drink wine. (Yes, I really do, it makes me feel better about myself.). So after glass #2 and a couple of hours of hard work, he gets the thing complete (and is VERY proud of himself for his work) and asks me what to do with it. Now, my first thought is…. to put it in the oven??? Yes for some reason, I assume that will “cook it” and harden it. Since I’ve never done pottery in my life, I’m thinking I must have come up with this notion based on many hours of HGTV. However, note to self, the FRONT of the package, specifically says that the clay WILL NOT harden.

Unfortunately, I did not read this until after I took the smoking melted first “chromosome model” out of the oven much to the severe dismay of my extremely unhappy child. He did go to bed calm and happy though, since we were able to “recreate” the original fairly quickly with both of us working on it. And no matter what you may think after you look at it below, YES, it is a CHROMOSOME.

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