Jan 4, 2009

Happy Holidazeeeeeeeee!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! We definitely did and the time off has flown by! I haven’t been feeling great this week and finally went to the Dr. and they said that I had the beginnings of strep throat so I guess no fireworks for me this evening, but hopefully Chris and Zach will save me some. They should end up with plenty, since it was all guys that went and bought them and males seem to lose ANY and ALL sensibility when standing in front of a fireworks stand!

And for those of you that weren't at my house Christmas night, Jett is super into sticks so Maegan thought it would be HILARIOUS to wrap up a box of sticks and see what he did when he opened it...he was fired up! Loved it! So far all those people that think you need money to entertain kids...well there ya go. Although I was babysitting the next day and told her she could throw them right in the trash on her way out as I'm sure my dogs would never have survived the wrath. He already spends most of his time berating and bossing them around while he's here so god help them if he had sticks!

Happy 2009 to everyone!!
(The pictures above are Jett, Ethan, Abbie, Jett and his sticks :), and Capt Wonderful Jr. )

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