Jul 21, 2010

Has Anyone Seen This Girl?

So on Monday when I turned on my work email after being off for a week I had a few 686 emails in my inbox (Seriously...)....

Also had 1700 hours of Tivo to watch lots and lots of important stuff to do around the house. AND I haven't had a glass of wine ALL week (hello...it's wednesday people...wtf.) And although my kidneys and liver are blissfully peaceful, my nerves have started to hum "Sometimes, you wanna go, where everybody knows your name...and they're always glad you came...so I have decided today shall be Bring On The Wine Wednesday (Captain Wonderful is SUPER excited!).

I'm not an alcoholic I just like to drink alot and often, Texas

P.S. - Captain Wonderful put a HUGE chink in the Apprentice's social calendar by making him come home and mow this afternoon. I just looked out the window and have now solved the mystery of those weird symbols that appear in fields that people think are from martians. They're not, they're from pissed off teenagers on riding lawnmowers. Should make for a fun evening come 5:30....better get started on that wine asap...if Big Brother wasn't on I'd go hide in the shed with a book and a flashlight..and the bottle.

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