Jul 23, 2010

I can't make this $hit up....

So after the last time my parents watched my nephew and extremely covertly figured out a way to ensure that they won't be asked to babysit anymore....(this is not photoshopped people, nor at a zoo)

I had the privilege of watching him last night. I'm cooking dinner and he's in the back yard with Captain Wonderful and all of a sudden Captain Wonderful brings him to the door (butt naked from the waist down....my nephew, not Captain Wonderful) and tells him:

CW: "You need to tell Aunt Sari what you did...
Nephew: "Uuummm...I crapped on the porch..."
Me: "What"
CW: " You heard him"
Me: "What...?"
Me: "Why??"
Nephew: "Because I didn't wanna sit on the toilet and I didn't wanna go in my pants"
Me: "Wow."
Me: (to Capt Wonderful) "If I have to clean up the dogshit you should have to clean up the kidshit"

I have to yell the last part of that sentence since Captain Wonderful is sprinting down the driveway.....

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