Jul 6, 2010

UFC observations

I was lured by the promise of food and alcohol (and the company of my teenager!) into heading over to a friends house where a mob of former middle aged men reverted into their adolescent selves. I retreated to the back porch where there was no sound on the tv so my ya-ya made up for it by yelling "Hit him, hit him, kick him, hit him..." repeatedly and I stared at her and said "Who are you...?". Then I remembered that she is the same one whose motto is "If your not first, your last" and who had to cancel family WII game night at her house because she A.) couldnt stay out of arguments with her 9 and 10 year old (the apple(s) do not fall far from the tree over there) and B) couldnt stop arguing with her husband accused her of "cheating" by practicing all day while he was at work. Good times.

Anywho - these were the observations I walked away with:
A.) If you are going to fight with bright pink hair you should at least dye your roots the day of the fight
B.) I think that Biff from Back to the Future made a pretty smart career choice to leave the BTTF franchise and get into UFC. I mean they all went downhill after the 1st one. I'm just saying....

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