Feb 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

In honor of Mardi Gras (even though I'm a little late) I thought I would post this picture. This was the very first Mardi Gras Chris and I went to in Galveston.  I think we had been dating off and on for about a year. 
Things that I remember about this weekend:

-We stayed at a REALLY nice hotel. Wait....motel. So nice in fact that we slept on top of our covers in sleeping bags and took showers in our flip-flops. That's how we roll...5 star..all the way baby. No wonder I married this guy. With this kind of romancin' who wouldn't fall head over heels :)

-We actually bought the pirate beads I have on to take home to Zach. That's back when he still thought us bringing him home stuff like beads was cool. ESPECIALLY Pirate Beads.

-We were in Chris's soft top Jeep and left our beads in the floorboard when we went into our 5-star motel....they weren't there the next morning. But we did have some super awesome slits through the top of the jeep that made for a VERY cold, loud ride home. Seriously. Who slits the top of a jeep for beads??? I was baffled by that one.

-Clearly we were still amateurs because we have no koozies...duh.

-That was the first night we ever heard Pat Green play. Centuries Years later we danced to him as our first dance at our wedding.

Happy Friday Everyone. Hope you all have a good one!

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