Feb 11, 2010

Partay in the Garage

Meet my cat Flinch. She is a tough guy and frequently comes up to the house banged up. I always ask her why she can’t be a lover and not a fighter, but she's very hardheaded.

So last night I’m in the garage inspecting her latest battle wounds and in walks this guy

and my cat welcomes him with open arms and they snuggle together to keep warm becomes extremely irritated and every hair on her body stands on end. Always the peacemaker, I had to intervene and finally got him shoo-d out. I am back tending to the cat and look down and “it’ssss baaaccck (said in the eerie Poltergeist voice)! I got the mop out and tried to poke him asked him to leave again politely but he wouldn’t listen and hid in the corner behind a table and wouldn’t come out. Since it was cold and rainy (and I couldn’t get him out anyway) I said he could stay and decided to go in and get my camera (and my glass of wine) to document this excitement! I got a couple of pictures and my camera died so I was going back into the house and all of a sudden another head comes under the garage door…..a freakin raccoon that runs into the OTHER corner of the garage. So now it's a PARTAY. I’ve got a possum in one corner, a raccoon in the other, and my banged up cat who I now realize is not a fighter, just a bouncer.

P.S. – I’m telling my sister this and her main question/comment is……………"wow. What kind of wine was that?". I love my sister :)

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