Jun 2, 2010

Bachelorette recap...Oy Vey.

Wow. Don’t even know where to start on this one so here we go….

Craig M (“Is that Craig with a C or a K?”) – your are a flocking douchebag. A true cross between Shooter McGavin (From Happy Gilmore) and The Lathies (Ladies) Man from SNL with his courvoisier. So glad you took your jackass self back to Canada (Aye? It's Aboot Time). Adios, Hasta LaVista, Peace Out, Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord…..

Jonathan – Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan. Oy Vey is right. Where do I begin. First of all you should definitely fire your gay bestie that picked out your wardrobe. While Carson Kressley could pull this look off, you are here to get a GIRL, remember? Your jeans should NOT be tighter then hers. And the white Michael Jackson-esqe jacket...huh? And for the love of pete...all the whining to the camera…wtf dude? I was waiting for you to bust out with “Moommm, he’s picking on me….he won’t stop touching me….”. Man up buddy, wear that Speedo with confidence, chicken legs or not. Drop your duckfloat and let's get on with this. Geez LOUISE, Quityerbitchin and put your big girl panties on.

Frank – the 30 year old Retail Store Manager that lives at home. That spent the entire episode blah blah blah-ing about his career driven-ness. Ummm….let me repeat..30 year old Retail Store Manager that LIVES AT HOME. You are no Donald Trump, my friend, who are you kidding????

Was there anyone else even on this episode besides those 3? I don’t know what the other guys did all week but they sure as heck weren’t on camera. Maybe they were helping Jonathan practice his brown belt skills so that he could take out the dangerous Craig if needed….? And people say it’s girls that have all the drama…HA! Tune in next week when they freeze each other's jockstraps.

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