Jun 10, 2010

Green Eyed Monster

There are not too many times (OK, never) that I envy teachers or teenagers. Summer is the exception to that rule. I was in my office working the other day and looking for Noah watching the rain come down and I hear a huge splash in the backyard and discover a mongrel looking bunch of heathen red neck houligans my son and his buddies making the most of it in the pool. They then upped the ante by adding the skim board (to which Captain Wonderful would tsk tsk for sure, but he what he doesn't know won't hurt him...that's my motto at least)

Summer is officially here :)

And then they were off again.....as I yelled out the door "Your ass is grass if you have a rope in that cart!"

Captain Accident Kid + Golf Cart + Skim Board + Rope = Another Co-Pay and Possibly a CPS investigation at this point!

On the bright side, no deductible though because it's usually met by the 2nd week in January by this kid, 3rd at the latest!

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