Jun 16, 2010

Real Housewives of NY/NJ aka Damn Yankees

Gosh I love my TIVO. I got to feed my habit earlier because of it and now I am a happy camper. Just a few random thoughts....(what's new right?)

Kelly - You are batshit crazy. I think you should hook up with Kasey from The Bachelorette and ya'll should do your own show...with subtitles of course. It would go something like this

"Satchels of Gold"
"Guard and Protect her heart"
"Al Sharpton"
"Guard and Protect her heart"
"Cartwheels and unicorns"
"Guard and Protect her heart"
"Systematic bullying"
"Guard and Protect her heart"

Bethenny -You know what they say, it's not the pitbull that is bad, it's the people around them that make them that way. Freakin crack me up. Oh, and am I imagining things (aka turning into Kelly) did I just see you pee in a....trashcan? You thought you took flack over peeing on a pregnancy test....

Jill - Sux not being class favorite.

Alex - I have a message for you...

Countess Luann - Dahling...your date Cort.....really.....All I kept thinkin the whole time was "I wonder if he talks like that in the sack...." THE WHOLE TIME.

Ramona - More dancing,less talking. Wait scratch that.More talking.

Sonja - quack quack.

Kelly Kikkomann Benjamin - Oh wait, I already did you, All aboard the crazy train...hopefully your straight jacket won't be strapless...or yellow.

Party Planner Lady that I can't remember your name - you're pretty funny. Hopefully you'll stick around a bit.
Teresa - Love Love Love.

Danielle -WTF is wrong with you. You have more cuckoo in you then a clock. Every hour. On the hour. And wtf is up with your entourage? Your guy,Joey Buttafucco (or whatever his name is), looks like he couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper sack.

Caroline -I wanna come to dinner at your house. Please...

Jacqueline - Yawn. Snore. Oh, and could you get someone to hold that baby while your on camera...it's very distracting. Geez. If we wanted to see real life we'd watch the news.

Dina - Leaving? So selfish of you...think about us viewers and have some compassion.

Kim G.  - fyi - your on CAMERA....being filmed....they're gonna know you're lying...dumbass.

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