Jun 30, 2010

I heart Jen Lancaster

And this is why. I was reading her blog and freakin cracked up (yet again). Please note that I'm not the one saying the "f-bomb" I'm only condoning it and perpuating it so on the great sin-o-meter that's defintely not as bad. I hope this is not some kind of copyright infringement ....that's probably higher on the sin-o-meter. This is completely her quote from her blog, her work, her potty mouth, her everything. Oh and here's a link to the original (again, hers, not mine). C.Y.A anyone?

From her blog:
Someone sent me a tweet along the lines of, "Sigh... I long for the days when your summer reading suggestions weren't about cross-promotion."

Oh. Really.

My initial response was to tweet back, "Sigh... and go fuck yourself with a very sharp, cross-promotional stick," but I've been trying to conduct myself in a more professional, less profane (possibly less psychotic) manner.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! Can't....even...take......it. Oh and let me just tell you one thing, I will def be purchasing all of said cross promotional reading suggestions. Well, maybe not the zombie ones since I am an A-#1 chicken and won't make it through deer season this year when my hubby is gone every weekend. But the other suggestions, it's on like donkey kong. Oh, and all you internet crazies don't get any bright ideas about trying to stalk me when I'm home alone every weekend in deer season....because I have schnauzers....mean ones.....and guns....and...lots of other stuff.

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