Apr 26, 2010

Having a conscience sucks.

I'm reading this right now:

The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet by Alicia Silverstone

I think it is contributing to my crabbiness, but not eating  meat right now should defintely ensure that mayhem will follow as I try out these meat-less vegan products.

More to come.

P.S. -Captain Wonderful and his Apprentice (aka my husband and son) are SUPER fired up about this latest venture. The excitement is tangible I tell ya. Excitement or fear. Not sure but you can bet I will be up to my best trickery to get them to taste these recipes. (and then I will dance around and say"ha ha, you ate it, you ate ______". Looking forward to these good family bonding times.)

P.S.S - the book said you will be crabby in week two. Um. That is putting it mildly. It did not say you would resort to "Falling Down" behavior. 

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