Apr 15, 2010

McDonalds Workers=Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist

So I'm doing this whole slow death dieting thing and I am running late for work and decide to go through McDonalds because I am STARVING (very unusual for me, I know). I get the bright idea that I will order an Egg McMuffin with no bun (to save calories) and I will add an extra piece of Canadian Bacon so that I get a little more protein. Now....this gives the Nobel Prize Winner McDonalds worker 3, THREE, 3 different options to use as the bottom layer that will NOT stick to the box...2 pieces of Canadian Bacon and 1 egg.

Drumroll please.....
Are you freaking kidding me. They put the ONE thing that will stick to the box on the bottom. The ONE THING. Makes me wanna go back and punch someone in the mouth.

Screw you McDonalds Worker.

Dieting is fun.

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