Apr 1, 2010

Things....I am loving right now: Diet Version

First of all I have completely screwed my diet up this week. In my defense, this is my week....my fav-o-rite week of the month....the week that I want to find all of those feminists who think that God may be a woman and LAUGH IN THEIR FACES. No way. No how. Throw pregnancy, childbirth, menopause. breastfeeding, vericose veins, etc. into the mix and I think I've got a pretty good argument against the fact that HE IS A HE.

So to say that I've had a smidgeon of cravings and screw ups is putting it mildly. The list goes on and on....HB Steakhouse, Lupe Tortillas, McDonalds, El Tiempo....oh, the horror...my spanx were cutting of my circulation yesterday and when I took them off I felt like the Christmas Tree in the Griswald Family Christmas Movie when they cut the binding and it breaks out every window in the house...good times. I don't see myself overloaded on with self control through the coming Easter weekend. So I shall start with a fresh slate tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day. (Tomorrow=Monday).

Prior to my fall down the rabbit hole this week, I've stumbled upon these dandy little things that make life a little more bearable and make salted tree bark a little less of an option.

Earthgrains 100% NATURAL THIN BUNS; Whole Wheat Thin Buns-these are so wonderful. I have used them for everything I can think of. Recipes to come soon. I heart these.

Mission Guacomole Flavored Dip : I am a bit of a Sour Cream and/or Ranch junkie. But on a lot of things, this stuff adds a lot more creamy good flavor for WAY less calories. Tostadas, Fish Tacos, Turkey Sandwiches...I find myself sitting around thinking of things I can put it on...

Gaytan Baked Cheese Puffs Naturally Buttery Asiago Peppercorn : I CANNOT eat a sandwich without chips. Can't do it. I feel deprived if I have to.  And look at HOW MANY you can have for so LITTLE calories.  Makes my heart happy :)
Skinny Cow LowFat Ice Cream Sandwich: Vanilla Chocolate Combo - heavens part and light shines through...

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