Mar 17, 2010

Happy St Patricks Day!

Observations for St Patricks Day:

1. Patron shots are NEVER a good idea. No matter how much green you’re wearing. NEVER. NEVER. I Some people will never learn.

2. You will not think your husband’s humor is funny after he has consumed 17,000 beers. Even if they’re green. Even if everyone else does. You still won’t. Promise

3. You will not think your husband’s dancing is funny after he has consumed 17,000 beers. Even if he is wearing a beer mug hat. And beer mug glasses. Even if everyone else does. You still won’t. Promise. You also still not understand why he has to take his shoes off to do this dancing. I mean he’s not Lord of the Dance….are these moves so tricky they must be done BAREFOOT..?

Sidenote: **I am also always flabbergasted at the girls that FLOCK to the dance floor to attempt to dance with him during these…..spasmodic seizures dances?? I mean, what part of his barefooted, wing flapping, semi-squat chicken walking/pecking display makes girls think A.) This guy is hot I think I should go grind on him or B.) This should TOTALLY be a partner dance – I’m on it!

4. You probably won’t think it’s charming if once you get home, you return to the kitchen from changing into your pajamas and he is in the kitchen making you a BARSHMABEQUEEE SHAMISH (BECAUSE HEESH LOOVEESSH YOOOUUSS) that includes EVERY SINGLE type of bbq sauce from the refrigerator being poured onto the SINGLE sandwich you brought home from the party since you did not have time to eat as it was time to go when he fell off his barstool. Twice.

But hey, at least he wasn’t on top of the building this time. That’s progress :)
And at least the St Patricks Day party only comes once a year.

And Yes, that is me trying to subtly sneak his beer away from him while he's distracted by the camera :)
Click here if you wanna check out all the pictures from the day. Happy St Paddy's Everyone!

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