Mar 7, 2010

Weekend Activities

My husband headed to the beer deer lease this weekend, so I was left to entertain myself on my own.  The excitement follows below. Try to contain yourself :)

Movie watching.............

Dear Time Traveler's Wife movie,

I want my 2+ hours back.

P.S. Please shove your crappy, very bad, no good, worst ending I could think of, where the sun doesnt shine.

P.S.S. You should note on your cover that the viewer will need some type of note-taking device in order to follow the plot and that wine drinking while watching will add to the difficulty of understanding what the freakin heck is going on????

Dear Cirque De Freak: The Vampire's Assistant,
I liked you better the first time,  when you were this movie:

 Driving Practice.....or "Yay, my new Southern Living is in the mail - you drive"

Crawfish with the girls...Husbands, we don't need no stinking husbands.....
A BIGGGGG Debacle....Big...Big..

What do you get when you mix this.....
With this....
A big freakin "Woops..this was SO not a good idea...Ummm...since I can't paint...Could someone please schedule me a paint intervention" and I bet my sweet husband is gonna be none too happy about it...Now I've gotta figure out what to do with it...stay tuned.
Although he should be happy I didn't do this again.....yup...that's carpet...was carpet...

And finally...a lazy Sunday waiting for my boys to come home.
I might even get REALLY crazy and stay in my pjs all day :)

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